Giant Steps Feat. Hubert Laws, Bobby Lyle, Bunny Brunel

Published on Apr 21, 2016

Directed by Kaylene Peoples, Agenda Pictures

A fun video about kids inspired by John Coltrane’s song “Giant Steps” is a jazz remake by Kaylene Peoples. Her version has already won a best song award, and is gaining momentum on independent radio around the world. A streaming favorite, “Giant Steps” is in good company with Kaylene Peoples’s latest CD, entitled MY MAN. On the CD, songs range from “Tisket a Tasket” to “Spain” to “Take Five!”

Who’s playing on Giants steps? Hubert Laws does a guest performance on flute, along with Bobby Lyle (acoustic piano), and Bunny Brunel (upright bass). “Giant Steps” was recorded, mixed, and mastered at the Mouse House Studio in L.A. by Rich Mouser. Other players on “Giant Steps” are Mark Hammond on guitar and Cory Mason on Drums. “Giant Steps” was produced/arranged by Kaylene Peoples.

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